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General factory installations-Heat & Air Testing

Heat & Air Testing...

Dealing with non-specific pollution environments

  • - Processing output and comfort air
  • - Ventilation, air conditioning or processing

Dealing with specific pollution environments

  • - Processing gaseous pollutants
  • - Processing dust
  • - Processing noise
  • - Processing smells
General factory installations-Heat & Air Testing
General factory installations-Heat & Air Testing

controlling energy use

  • - Heat / Cold: production, distribution and use
  • - Energy: energy recycling, energy savings

Controlling fluid production and distribution

  • - Cold water processing and distribution
  • - Bathroom hot water production and distribution
  • - Compressed air production and distribution


Determining a cooling unit as well as heat exchanger on a POTASH closed circuit.

Heat appraisal for a structure with a view to improving heating comfort.

Heat appraisal for a 76,000m² area to determine the influence of a new installation on its flora and fauna.

Technical research on an electrostatic filter and its installation.

Heat appraisal for a half-moon building (input calculation and setting up a direct expansion cooling coil).

Research into ventilation efficiency when a pouring pipe bursts.

  • - Determining the appropriate air flow.
  • - Analysis of the effect of the gas emission on the pressure in the premises.

Designing and setting up a suction wall.

Setting up a suction system in half-moon premises so as to maintain 20PA low pressure in the event of radioactive product leakage.

Transporting pulverulent products from a hopper to a silo.

Expertise of a dusting installation.

General factory installations-WORK UNDERTAKEN