Industrial Research Company in the Gard region



SOGEI has cutting edge IT hard & software to meet its clients’ expectations.

We regularly update our software so as to have the latest versions available on the market.
Software-P.D.M.S Clima Win- Software EGE-XAO- software
Solid Works- software Top Solid- software Autocad- software


General Installation CAD software.

  • Highlights interference.
  • Displays projects for new work and installation modifications in 3D and from all angles.
  • Generates isometrics and manufacturing details (dimensions and component nomenclature).
  • Generates all views as cross-sections according to the plans.
  • Contains a built-in library of products available on the market.
  • Files compatible with Autocad (DWG) and finished item calculation software.
Software-P.D.M.S Software-P.D.M.S


SOGEI has the AutoCad software - 14/2000 to 2005 versions.

These applications, for the most part in 2D, are used to meet the various needs of our clientele.

Autocad- software Autocad- software
Autocad- software


we acquired CLIMAWIN, a heat/climatic software, to carry out heat research on buildings.

This software in particular enables us to:

  • - accurately calculate heat input and loss in a building
  • -  find a compromise between insulation and heat energy
  • -  target the areas where it is important to increase the insulation
  • - carry out research into the regulations in terms of the CSTB (centre for building science and technology) such as Ubât, C, TIC, etc.
Clima Win- Software


This CAD software in 3D is primarily used by SOGEI for in-depth study of moulding.

Top Solid software


SOGEI uses Solid Works software and applications:

  • - Cosmos Works
  • - Anima Tor
  • - Photo Works

These mainly 3D applications are used to meet the different needs of our clientele as well as for pre-project plans.

lid Works- software Solid Works- software
Solid Works- software


For electrical research SOGEI uses the IGE-XAO software, SEE ELECTRICAL EXPERT version 2002 & 2004, update of SEE 3000 (former diagram software).

TThis software, in particular, allows us to:

  • Create and modify block diagrams
    • - Cross references
    • - Wire numbering
    • - Identifying components
    • - Using the Siemens library
  • Manage mimic diagrams
  • Generate strip terminals
  • Establish cable and fuse schedules
  • Edit nomenclatures
  • Prepare cabinet installations
EGE-XAO- software EGE-XAO- software
EGE-XAO- software