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J.M Pongy/R.Pongy
J.M. PONGY, Managing Director
R. PONGY, Heat & Aeraulics Specialist

SOGEI Engineering, a Ltd. company with a capital of €45,734.71, was founded in 1989 by Mr. Jean-Maurice PONGY, an I.P.F. engineer (professional engineers of France) has been specialised since 1977 in designing industrial systems in the fields of general installations and mechanics (Special Machines).

The company ideally situated geographically, benefits from a highly favourable environment in which to develop. Its location in the Industrial Estate of Bagnols-sur-Cèze enables it to develop its activity in an environment in which the closeness of local industries ensures constant progression.

Business contracts have enabled the company to directly acces markets with several prime contractors in the following fields: nuclear, chemistry, iron metallurgy, food-processing industry, automotive industry, etc.

SOGEI continues to develop its skills by expanding its team of specialists so as to meet its customers’ needs and provide a comprehensive offer.

This development, resulting from both local and regional activity, has enabled SOGEI to progress and now play a role in the broader context of the South-East of France.

In addition, the company draws its strength from a solid family base with J.M. PONGY who is the manager, G. PONGY who, since 1991, has been in charge of company administration and more recently R. PONGY, who following a two-year diploma in Heat Engineering joined the company on a student contract combining theoretical training through the higher education institute for industrial art and design (ENSAM in Aix-en-Provence).

Key dates:

1989 : Company founded by Jean-Maurice PONGY.
1990 : Direct contracts undertaken with the Marcoule and Pierrelatte centres.
1996 : New and highly functional premises built (300m²) in the Berret Industrial Estate at Bagnols-sur-Cèze.
1999 : A 4-year training programme set up in the air and heat testing sectors.
Implementation of quality control
2003 :
Training prize for the Gard department. Training prize for the Gard department
2004 : Rémi PONGY, heat specialist and student at the higher education institute for industrial art and design (ENSAM in Aix-en-Provence) joined the team.
2005 : A quality control engineer joined the team
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